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Simple things. Ideas sketched on the back of a napkin. Pragmatic. Useful. Fun and frugal too.

What do I do? I write, I consult, I imagine simple graphic designs, build custom websites, desktop applications, and server software.

Current work

Discovery Software

I work full time for Discovery Software as the software development manager and software architect. I am part of a team who have built a number of products for educators, including Principalm, LearnFaces, and Rubrix.

Freelance and consulting work

I'm a talented freelance graphic and software designer, as well as an experienced consultant, speaker, and classroom trainer. Most of my current work is in web design/development and large scale architecture (things like cloud deployments, horizontal scaling, etc.).


A technical weblog covering tools, techniques, and code. It's been online since the late '90s, and is currently in the top 100,000 weblogs according to

A semi-regular weblog written in a forceful, imperative style. It's a stream of photos, quotes, and bits of wisdom, intended to motivate the hacker in all of us. Create, build, make, do something now.

A learning site for aggregating essays, books, papers, lectures, and tech talks.

Humour, in a dorky, Canadian style. It delivers a nerdy mash of graphs and charts, drawn using open standards and an open license.


Photographs and block prints

I'm also an avid photographer, and slightly less active artist. I focus on post-processing, textures, patterns, and character closeups.



I provide training to local technical colleges and user groups. One of my popular talks is an honest view of SEO and SEM, proposing an ethical approach to getting noticed online. I also teach software development and technical consulting.

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